amber mt. shasta

For the last 12 years I have been deeply immersed in studying and teaching Mindfulness Based Techniques and movement therapies.  I have dedicated my life to exploring the depths of the body / mind /spirit connection. Time and again, I have seen results in my life and my client’s lives from practicing simple movements and mindfulness based techniques. This world is filled with unhappy people and this is sad because happiness is our birthright. With a little effort and the right techniques, you can shift from a life filled with suffering to a LIFE you want to live.

I have walked a long road to stand here with you now. My life was so filled with suffering that at times I didn’t know up from down. I felt that I didn’t belong here on earth. I felt guilt, shame and the depth of fear. I wanted to run and hide and not show my vulnerabilities. I have explored my deep unconscious waters and the inner crevices of my mind. I’ve danced with death and choose life.

Because of my struggles, I am who I am today. We all have a need to affirm all parts of ourselves and to affirm all parts of life. Every moment is a choice to be here, to take a deep breath. Every day is a choice to commit to our Self, our friends, our community. We choose to show up and be authentic and to trust in the experience of life. We learn to be okay with not knowing what’s next and resolve to be okay with the unknown. We choose to be like children and play, finding joy in the small things…the touch of a beloved, fragrance of a flower, richness of the earth beneath our feet, beauty of the sky, taste of chocolate, support of a good friend, belting out song with no inhibitions, painting our masterpiece, dancing in the rain…this world is filled with miracles and juicyness.

We are a miracle. Life is a miracle.

I have been witness to many miracles over the last 12 years of my teaching, including supporting people... completely relieve themselves of pain and suffering, in finding embodied connection, reducing stress and anxiety, greater emotional and social intelligence, alleviating fatigue, increasing energy, improving strength and flexibility, weight loss, controlling unhealthy urges and relieving addiction, healing trauma, and so much more.

Mindfulness based practices are truly what we are searching for because they get us in touch with the most important aspects of life, our Self.  I believe we all must Heal our Self to Heal the World. Dedicating a small amount of time each day can completely change our lives for the better. As we learn to connect with our bodies and minds, we awaken to the beauty of life and open the door to true fulfillment, happiness and peace.

Thank you for your presence in my life. 



Your session was the most enlightening and gratifying experience I have had in a long, long time! I was finally able to breathe.

Amber, you have no idea what a tremendous resource your sessions are for me.  I was stressed out to the max yesterday & feeling icky... and was completely transformed by our practice... it's like a massage for my body, a cleansing for my soul and a "re-set" for my mind.

I want to thank you for burning so brightly.  You are a bright light for many people including myself. 

I must say, Yoga with you is awesome! 

Thanks for the session today- My dad actually said that he didn't have any pain as we walked to the car afterwards.

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The Minister Practitioner does not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor does the practitioner apply medical, mental health or human development principles, but ministers to the suffering by prayer, spiritual, religious or mental means, without the use of any drug material remedy or physical manipulation.

Time on its turning hinge
Folding back on its self again
Arrives on a wave of light
& Forward on its eternal flight
For the secret the sage has sought to exist
In this timelessness
Suspended by life’s embrace
In surrender to the will of grace
For we, when we have risen above
& Awakened to the fullness of
The power at life’s command
& the force running through our hands