Shakti Pulse
to Nov 6

Shakti Pulse

A playful and transformative weekend held at a beautiful and magical several acre homestead. Together we’ll delve into our inner rhythms and ride the waves of grace. Join us in this adventurous exploration of yoga, meditation, organic movement, sound, breath, art, poetry and a water blessing ritual. 

Yoga, organic movement, sound and breath will take us into the body, accessing the primordial cosmic energy (Shakti) and from that place of deep rootedness and connection we can move, rest, create, play, heal, transform, transcend, love, accept, let go…

Explore Intentional Creativity, a conscious processing method of deep soulful healing through ritual, painting, and poetry. Open the doorways into your own inner landscape, reconnecting with your Muse and other Sacred Archetypes within.  Reawaken truths, find clarity, and embrace your inner wisdom and guidance.  Let your inner child play, express and be wild!

Finally, we will share in a Water Blessing Ritual - praying for our sacred waters to heal, be purified and flow free.

“The sage’s transformation of the world arises from solving the problem of water. If water is united, the human heart will be connected. If water is pure and clean, the heart of the people will readily be unified and desirous of cleanliness.” ~Lao Tzu

You will take home meditations, mudras, mantras, poetry, paintings and most importantly the inspiration to continue tapping into and playing with the pulsation of Shakti.

10% of the proceeds will go to benefit The Center – supporting the Pulse tragedy and continued healing of our community.

Guided by Amber Melendy and Deborah Ward

Two Weekends Offered: November 5 & 6, 2016 & December 10 & 11, 2016
$180 for each weekend
Saturday and Sunday 10-4pm. Lunches included.
Camping and Dinner available on Saturday night for additional $20             

Materials: You will need to bring a notebook and 2 canvasses

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Restorative Yoga
5:30 PM17:30

Restorative Yoga

As with all forms of yoga, there are aspects that help us physically, mentally and spiritually. Restorative yoga takes us deeper into our elements (bhutas), moods (gunas) and constitutions (doshas) allowing ourselves to reconnect with the world. It uses a series of movements and poses to relieve chronic stress, build spinal health, stimulate and soothe the internal organs. It will balance and align the body's energy centers through breath, sound, and deep relaxation.

Take the time to thank your body for how hard it works for you. Give your body the gift of rest, relaxation and health it needs and deserves.

Each week you'll receive several tools for your toolbox including energy medicine techniques, mudras, mantras and alignment details.

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7-week Yoga Alignment Basics Course in Deland, FL
to Nov 2

7-week Yoga Alignment Basics Course in Deland, FL

Each week we’ll explore different body parts, through actions of alignment, in order to create ease in the body and freedom of breath. In understanding structural and energetic alignment we have the potential to access true freedom in our bodies and minds. As we align ourselves with our energetic blueprint, it allows us to live with less effort by opening stagnant energies that block us physically and mentally.  We will work our way from the feet to the head, feeling into different body parts, making adjustments and allowing energetic flow to return. Expect to leave each session with knowledge of how to align the body for maximum flow, ease of breath, relaxation and deeper awareness of self. You’ll receive handouts for each session, so you can start a home practice with these alignment principles.

Week 1: Feet and Ankles
Week 2: Legs
Week 3: Hips
Week 4: Torso
Week 5: Chest and Heart
Week 6: Neck and Head
Week 7: Putting it all together

Call for more information - 407 963 1956

7 Week Yoga Alignment Series - Deland
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