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7-week Yoga Alignment Basics Course in Deland, FL

Each week we’ll explore different body parts, through actions of alignment, in order to create ease in the body and freedom of breath. In understanding structural and energetic alignment we have the potential to access true freedom in our bodies and minds. As we align ourselves with our energetic blueprint, it allows us to live with less effort by opening stagnant energies that block us physically and mentally.  We will work our way from the feet to the head, feeling into different body parts, making adjustments and allowing energetic flow to return. Expect to leave each session with knowledge of how to align the body for maximum flow, ease of breath, relaxation and deeper awareness of self. You’ll receive handouts for each session, so you can start a home practice with these alignment principles.

Week 1: Feet and Ankles
Week 2: Legs
Week 3: Hips
Week 4: Torso
Week 5: Chest and Heart
Week 6: Neck and Head
Week 7: Putting it all together

Call for more information - 407 963 1956

7 Week Yoga Alignment Series - Deland
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Later Event: September 30
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