A Return to Innocence

Wow! It has been an incredible couple of weeks. I have experienced all of my shadows full on. I have pushed and pulled, gave up, acted without listening and reacted to all of the inner debris coming up. This full moon was the perfect culmination of these energies. In order to see more clearly, first I suppose I needed to see all of the energies I allow to block me. The beauty and power of the shadow is to reveal all of the subtle ways we harm ourselves and others by casting down and out those shamed parts.

I have once again realized how important it is to:

  • Listen first.
  • Stop Judging
  • Realize we all have a perspective.
  • Understand we are doing the best we can with what we know.
  • Recognize we are where we are for a reason.
  • See both sides to a story are on the same continuum and in order to find unity we must get off the line and meet in the heart of understanding, wisdom and compassion.
  • Know that creation has it’s own timing and forcing only creates harm and more karma.
  • Recognize giving up on your dreams is futile.
  • Stop giving authority to someone outside of your self, as it is fatal.

It is easy to look at the collective experience and judge. Judge the elections, judge the abuse, judge the environmental devastation, judge, judge, judge. It’s so easy to critique each other and judge. The reality is that what’s happening in the macrocosm is happening on the microcosm. In order to fix the macro we must fix the micro. Judgment stagnates that process and keeps us stuck in the loop.

We are being called to lay down our weapons and listen, truly listen. There are other perspectives and in order to heal this world, and ourselves we need to see the archetypes playing out internally and externally and offer them a voice. Shadows need to be heard. Each perspective needs to be heard. We must listen. Listening is without agenda, without thinking about what you will say next, truly listening drops all defenses, it is a space of emptiness where magic happens and true transformation can take place. I believe we are being called to deeply listen to all sides and be creative in our solutions. Recognizing each side has a valid and real perspective and naturally when not heard will fight for its right to exist. If we care about freedom of speech, first we need to listen. If we truly listen we can rise up and access a creative solution that is not possible if we have an agenda or judgment.

Here’s what I will continue to work with over the next month to support the inner shift I feel that is required to create a more harmonic outer existence.

  • Looking at my agendas in every move that I make. What are my desires in life? What are my conscious and unconscious motives? When I meet with another individual, do I expect something? Do I expect my politician, friends, partner, children, etc. to act in a certain way? If they don’t meet my expectations, do I withhold my love, shut down, blame, etc.?
  • Can I be present with every action I take and check in to see if it is movement from fear or movement from balanced inner guidance? Can I move only when I feel spirit or my balanced self, guiding me to do so?
  • Can I stop and listen when I get triggered? We all get our buttons pressed. It is in these moments that we must listen and perhaps redirect our inner communication. See our triggers and create new neuro-pathways that support life instead of fear, constriction, blame, shame, etc.
  • Can I learn how to be a human being rather than a human doing? It’s very challenging in our world today to not get caught up in a whirlwind of thoughtless movements, however it is essential if we want to observe different archetypes on our stage.
  • What am I ashamed of? What are the parts of me that I’ve abolished? Can I invite those parts of me to tea and give space to their voices? Narcissism is deep shame reacting and if we are honest many of us have these tendencies. It’s time to look at the roots of the shame we are carrying, so that we can heal those broken parts and truly find healing and wholeness.

My goal is unity. It is opening to the widest perspective available. Expanding into the biggest space that I can create.

A wise person once told me, we can learn in two ways;
1. Directly plugging into source and knowing exactly who we are through that connection.
2. Learning what we are, through knowing what we are not.

The former creates freedom the later karma. Karma is not bad or wrong; it just keeps us on the wheel. The beauty of existence here on earth is our free will. It’s our choice, how we move in space. Maybe together we can call in a ‘Return to Innocence.’

Definition of Innocence:
Middle English: from Old French, from Latin innocentia, from innocent- ‘not harming’ (based on nocere‘injure’).




Community Gem - Harmony Yoga Studio

Welcomed, Supported and Peaceful - are three words I would use to describe my experiences at this beautiful yoga studio in Maitland. Jane and John Hicks (the owners) have continued to carry on the love this center has been sharing for years. I've taken classes with several of their instructors this past week - thanks to their awesome special for newbies, 20 days for $20. John has a very balanced and sweet presence. His classes offered something for all levels and allowed me to go deep into my body. His encouragement to listen to my own needs was refreshing. I look forward to taking Jane's class. 

All of the teachers have a Hatha approach with emphasis on breath, taking the time to set up outer and inner alignment to support your connection and meditative experiences. Some of the other yoga guides I've experienced at Harmony include:

Chuck - offers a lovely Hatha practice. His dedication and enthusiasm for the practice is inspiring. He guides the class with attention to detail, humor and grace.

Dana - offers a Yin class that is super packed with consciousness, alignment and anatomical knowledge. I loved her inspiring words and total presence. Her beauty and grace is a blessing to practice alongside. 

Maggie - offers a joyful Hatha practice. Her focus was on mindfulness, the breath and the class had a very organic and flowing feel which I love.

I love sharing what I am up too... and I'm so grateful for all of the goodness this community provides. 

This Friday night Dana leads a Laughter Yoga that is Amazing! and Saturday night is a Kirtan with Pandit Nandkishor Muley. Check it out.


Earth Sky Meditation

Hey friends, I'm super excited to start video blogging! Here's a 5 minute meditation that will get you connected with the earth, sky, your heart and sharing all of your goodness with the world. Enjoy!

Getting Grounded - Prithvi Mudra

Life has a way of sometimes lifting me off my feet and tossing and turning me through my days. This past week has been one of those times… potent energies currently - Mercury retrograde and New Moon Eclipse. With Mercury going retrograde this is a great time to do all the re- things – renew, review, remember, revise, realize, etc.

Fortunately there are tools to help bring us back to our bodies if our energies start to rise upward. The mind is a powerful tool when kept in check but sometimes I find, especially around the dark moon that my shadows can take over for a time and my mind starts a whirling and a twirling. In that case I’m grateful for the following techniques that bring me back home to my body and the earth.

 Ways to get grounded:
·      Lay on the earth for 15 minutes with head facing North
·      Walk barefoot on the earth or just take a walk immersed in nature
·      Practice Yoga
·      Practice Mudras and Mantras

Mudras are gestures that direct the flow of energy through the body. Often they are expressed through the hands although there are full body mudras as well. I like to think of them as switching up your energetic highways to cultivate certain qualities you’d like to bring into your life.

This week I’ve been practicing Prithvi Mudra, a hand gesture that supports the earth element. It helps to cultivate greater awareness of the body, our connection to the earth. It supports the skeletal, nervous and digestive systems, bringing a deep sense of connection and relaxation.

To do this mudra, find a comfortable seated position, touch the thumb and ring finger together and stretch the other fingers out. Rest your hands on your legs or knees. Relax your muscles and feel into the sitz bones at the base of the pelvis. Imagine each sitz bone is a tiny foot grounded on the earth. Feel the skeletal structure supporting your upright position. Find greater ease through a mantra or a simple phrase you can repeat to calm the body. Energy follows thought so a simple suggestion to your body can create that quality.

I am present in my body; I feel ease, calmness and deep relaxation.

Practice this mudra for 3-10 minutes and I’m pretty sure you will feel something. Let me know how this works for you.

Be well


The Issues in our Tissues...

This weekend I had a potent experience on Saturday night. I believe I was tuning into the energies that are shifting in the cosmos at this time. It's so powerful to truly feel, not deny or run from, all parts of our experience. Loving our self into wholeness requires loving all the hurt, angry, fearful, sad parts just as much as all the beautiful, love-filled and celebratory parts. There is much to heal personally and collectively. I'm grateful every day to have a toolbox filled with meditations, breathwork and movements that support me in moving through life in the most graceful way possible. Today I wrote this in response to a crazy intense 5 hour experience I had on Saturday. I tapped into some deep pain and honestly don’t ever remember feeling that much sensation. I did the best to stay neutral and not label it but holy sh**. Wow. The issues are definitely in the tissues and we’ve got to feel it to heal it. It’s super easy to check out of uncomfortable sensation but it’s essential to stand in it if we’re going to heal it and make this shift collectively. If we want to heal the war going on outside of us we must heal the internal war. Feel and Choose Love.

My thoughts during this experience…

heart pounding
heart wrenching
deep profound pain
trying to breathe
find comfort
you are okay
just keep breathing
going to take you to new heights with new vision
but first
oh my God!!! So much pain. How could anyone feel and stand in this much pain? I feel sooo much

solar plexus, heart, healing
judgement separates
love unites
collective pain surfacing to heal

be free children, be free
we must feel to reveal the shame we first experienced when coming into this body
seeing the light of creation we choose to become small in spite of it all
but this life offers chances
many opportunities to wake up to our greatness
to transcend the pain
to heal our broken hearts
come home and rest in our source of infinity

how we choose to do this dance
has the potential to free this pain inside of us
spiraling, dancing
go into the pain  

open the box
set yourself free
Just Breathe

What's everyone else feeling??

Rose Tent

Sacred Stages
Passage of Time
Awakening to the Rhythms
Cycles of Life
Honoring All Parts
Frees Your Body and Mind
Break free of limitations - self-imposed, externally built
Your greatness
...to be honored, respected, allowed
Be True to YOU
Sacred Sister of the Hoop
We walk in humbleness, love and beauty
Gather Round
Tell your Friends
Let's remember Together
tell stories, whisper sweetness, laugh, play, create, jump, shout, dance, sing, hold hands, listen...
Your Fierceness and Gentleness are Welcome Here


I'm listening to Shimshai right now as I'm making some final edits before I launch my new website! If you don't know Shimshai, please go to his page - Shimshai.com, also him and his beautiful wife Suzana make incredible medicine available at LaVentanaHerbals.com. This brother has the most profound words... all of his songs and expressions I find completely nourishing, healing and a portal into the vast wonders of our experiences in this world. Today I give gratitude for his presence on this planet and share with you this sacred song - Waking One. This song in particular feels so relevant given all of the intensity our days have been filled with this week. Enjoy!

In every day we have begun
With every waking one
I pray for our daughters and our sons
Pray for the light within their eyes
That forever their freedom flies
I pray for the day, the day has come
If ever you fall into the night
& Lose all sense of sight
Remember that darkness births the light
& When you rise again once more
Still stronger than before
You’ll know the time you came here for

& Through my eyes I’m feeling older now
In knowing how, I made my vow
& so I feel a little closer now
I take my bow, your time is now

So follow the path unto the sun
Where lies the waking one
& When you rise the dream is done
Melodies ancient voice and song
Will keep you safe and make you strong
To not forget what’s yet to come
So live your dreams and dream of truth
Dream of life and live your youth
& One day you will look back through
Remember the way that we have come
All as daughters and as sons
So pray for the day to carry on

& Through this life we find our fears and truths
In age and youth, and so we choose
& Through my eyes I’ve seen in color too
The world as new, I’ll see you through

I allow...

I allow
I reveal
I open
I flow
Like the tide I flow free
Pressure building and releasing
I let go and can see
Expressing and sharing the truth inside of me
This dance between
dark and light
infinite and form
chaos and order
Beauty in all
Creating worlds upon worlds
Infinite Realities, Infinite Potential
Rise then like the tide
No need to hide
Vulnerability a strength
Emotion a Key

Heart of Ambrosia - Welcome!

Our modern day definition for medicine is very different than the Native American definition of medicine. In native culture, all people carry their own special medicines. Just like each plant, animal and mineral, each person has gifts from spirit we bring here to share. The more connected we are to our Self, through living a life of loving-kindness, truth and integrity, the greater our medicine or “spiritual power”.

My intention for Ambrosia is to create a portal of juicy offerings or medicines that nourish, soothe and support each of us in accessing our inherent wholeness. Life is delicious, juicy and sacred. The nectar of life is all around us, waiting for us to awaken to its beauty and power. It’s available in every breath we take. Just like the infamous saying, “it’s the simple things in life that matter." This is true, but very often we are blind to these simple things because we have closed down our senses and shut out life. We have to feel… and continue to open more and more to ourselves to access greater truth. As we grow in life, we experience pain and suffering and often don’t know how to process these experiences and as a result create walls instead of bridges. Ideas and beliefs can either free us or box us into very small living spaces. Life requires us to walk through each experience and the full range of emotions in order to continue to live.

It’s essential that we reconnect to the sacredness of our lives. My mission is to provide you with the medicines I’ve been gifted and consciously cultivating for the last 12 years. My hope is that it’s just the medicine you need to support you in fully Living Your Life.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Amber Melendy

Salve your Soul

We begin at a crossroad
take a deep breath
yes...you...right now...breathe

do you feel better? I do

make a choice
there is no right or wrong
only experience
surrender to the sweetness being offered
In this moment - a gift
a becoming...
an allowing...
an offering...

Juicy Love
Divine Nectar
Food of the gods
Salve for your Soul

Find Your Centre and You will be Healed

We live in a dualistic culture dominated by conflicts of head and heart, thought and feeling, mind and emotions. This is a culture that knows not that lower and deeper center of awareness – and of will and intent… An ancient Daoist saying tells us: “When you are sick, do not seek a cure. Find your centre and you will be healed.” …The little “I” reigns in the head alone. The larger “I” is the body as a whole.
— Peter Wilberg

The Fool

standing naked at the edge of time
towers crumbling all around
the judge takes the stand
but no one listens
it seems chaos has spread near and far
but opening the door
a new picture reveals itself
for the ways of the fool
can never be undone
it stands in the center
a shining star
awaiting the call
the wild is creeping
darkness pervades
she enters
the work...complete

Our deepest fear...

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." ~Marianne Williamson