A Return to Innocence

Wow! It has been an incredible couple of weeks. I have experienced all of my shadows full on. I have pushed and pulled, gave up, acted without listening and reacted to all of the inner debris coming up. This full moon was the perfect culmination of these energies. In order to see more clearly, first I suppose I needed to see all of the energies I allow to block me. The beauty and power of the shadow is to reveal all of the subtle ways we harm ourselves and others by casting down and out those shamed parts.

I have once again realized how important it is to:

  • Listen first.
  • Stop Judging
  • Realize we all have a perspective.
  • Understand we are doing the best we can with what we know.
  • Recognize we are where we are for a reason.
  • See both sides to a story are on the same continuum and in order to find unity we must get off the line and meet in the heart of understanding, wisdom and compassion.
  • Know that creation has it’s own timing and forcing only creates harm and more karma.
  • Recognize giving up on your dreams is futile.
  • Stop giving authority to someone outside of your self, as it is fatal.

It is easy to look at the collective experience and judge. Judge the elections, judge the abuse, judge the environmental devastation, judge, judge, judge. It’s so easy to critique each other and judge. The reality is that what’s happening in the macrocosm is happening on the microcosm. In order to fix the macro we must fix the micro. Judgment stagnates that process and keeps us stuck in the loop.

We are being called to lay down our weapons and listen, truly listen. There are other perspectives and in order to heal this world, and ourselves we need to see the archetypes playing out internally and externally and offer them a voice. Shadows need to be heard. Each perspective needs to be heard. We must listen. Listening is without agenda, without thinking about what you will say next, truly listening drops all defenses, it is a space of emptiness where magic happens and true transformation can take place. I believe we are being called to deeply listen to all sides and be creative in our solutions. Recognizing each side has a valid and real perspective and naturally when not heard will fight for its right to exist. If we care about freedom of speech, first we need to listen. If we truly listen we can rise up and access a creative solution that is not possible if we have an agenda or judgment.

Here’s what I will continue to work with over the next month to support the inner shift I feel that is required to create a more harmonic outer existence.

  • Looking at my agendas in every move that I make. What are my desires in life? What are my conscious and unconscious motives? When I meet with another individual, do I expect something? Do I expect my politician, friends, partner, children, etc. to act in a certain way? If they don’t meet my expectations, do I withhold my love, shut down, blame, etc.?
  • Can I be present with every action I take and check in to see if it is movement from fear or movement from balanced inner guidance? Can I move only when I feel spirit or my balanced self, guiding me to do so?
  • Can I stop and listen when I get triggered? We all get our buttons pressed. It is in these moments that we must listen and perhaps redirect our inner communication. See our triggers and create new neuro-pathways that support life instead of fear, constriction, blame, shame, etc.
  • Can I learn how to be a human being rather than a human doing? It’s very challenging in our world today to not get caught up in a whirlwind of thoughtless movements, however it is essential if we want to observe different archetypes on our stage.
  • What am I ashamed of? What are the parts of me that I’ve abolished? Can I invite those parts of me to tea and give space to their voices? Narcissism is deep shame reacting and if we are honest many of us have these tendencies. It’s time to look at the roots of the shame we are carrying, so that we can heal those broken parts and truly find healing and wholeness.

My goal is unity. It is opening to the widest perspective available. Expanding into the biggest space that I can create.

A wise person once told me, we can learn in two ways;
1. Directly plugging into source and knowing exactly who we are through that connection.
2. Learning what we are, through knowing what we are not.

The former creates freedom the later karma. Karma is not bad or wrong; it just keeps us on the wheel. The beauty of existence here on earth is our free will. It’s our choice, how we move in space. Maybe together we can call in a ‘Return to Innocence.’

Definition of Innocence:
Middle English: from Old French, from Latin innocentia, from innocent- ‘not harming’ (based on nocere‘injure’).