The Issues in our Tissues...

This weekend I had a potent experience on Saturday night. I believe I was tuning into the energies that are shifting in the cosmos at this time. It's so powerful to truly feel, not deny or run from, all parts of our experience. Loving our self into wholeness requires loving all the hurt, angry, fearful, sad parts just as much as all the beautiful, love-filled and celebratory parts. There is much to heal personally and collectively. I'm grateful every day to have a toolbox filled with meditations, breathwork and movements that support me in moving through life in the most graceful way possible. Today I wrote this in response to a crazy intense 5 hour experience I had on Saturday. I tapped into some deep pain and honestly don’t ever remember feeling that much sensation. I did the best to stay neutral and not label it but holy sh**. Wow. The issues are definitely in the tissues and we’ve got to feel it to heal it. It’s super easy to check out of uncomfortable sensation but it’s essential to stand in it if we’re going to heal it and make this shift collectively. If we want to heal the war going on outside of us we must heal the internal war. Feel and Choose Love.

My thoughts during this experience…

heart pounding
heart wrenching
deep profound pain
trying to breathe
find comfort
you are okay
just keep breathing
going to take you to new heights with new vision
but first
oh my God!!! So much pain. How could anyone feel and stand in this much pain? I feel sooo much

solar plexus, heart, healing
judgement separates
love unites
collective pain surfacing to heal

be free children, be free
we must feel to reveal the shame we first experienced when coming into this body
seeing the light of creation we choose to become small in spite of it all
but this life offers chances
many opportunities to wake up to our greatness
to transcend the pain
to heal our broken hearts
come home and rest in our source of infinity

how we choose to do this dance
has the potential to free this pain inside of us
spiraling, dancing
go into the pain  

open the box
set yourself free
Just Breathe

What's everyone else feeling??