Community Gem - Harmony Yoga Studio

Welcomed, Supported and Peaceful - are three words I would use to describe my experiences at this beautiful yoga studio in Maitland. Jane and John Hicks (the owners) have continued to carry on the love this center has been sharing for years. I've taken classes with several of their instructors this past week - thanks to their awesome special for newbies, 20 days for $20. John has a very balanced and sweet presence. His classes offered something for all levels and allowed me to go deep into my body. His encouragement to listen to my own needs was refreshing. I look forward to taking Jane's class. 

All of the teachers have a Hatha approach with emphasis on breath, taking the time to set up outer and inner alignment to support your connection and meditative experiences. Some of the other yoga guides I've experienced at Harmony include:

Chuck - offers a lovely Hatha practice. His dedication and enthusiasm for the practice is inspiring. He guides the class with attention to detail, humor and grace.

Dana - offers a Yin class that is super packed with consciousness, alignment and anatomical knowledge. I loved her inspiring words and total presence. Her beauty and grace is a blessing to practice alongside. 

Maggie - offers a joyful Hatha practice. Her focus was on mindfulness, the breath and the class had a very organic and flowing feel which I love.

I love sharing what I am up too... and I'm so grateful for all of the goodness this community provides. 

This Friday night Dana leads a Laughter Yoga that is Amazing! and Saturday night is a Kirtan with Pandit Nandkishor Muley. Check it out.