I'm listening to Shimshai right now as I'm making some final edits before I launch my new website! If you don't know Shimshai, please go to his page - Shimshai.com, also him and his beautiful wife Suzana make incredible medicine available at LaVentanaHerbals.com. This brother has the most profound words... all of his songs and expressions I find completely nourishing, healing and a portal into the vast wonders of our experiences in this world. Today I give gratitude for his presence on this planet and share with you this sacred song - Waking One. This song in particular feels so relevant given all of the intensity our days have been filled with this week. Enjoy!

In every day we have begun
With every waking one
I pray for our daughters and our sons
Pray for the light within their eyes
That forever their freedom flies
I pray for the day, the day has come
If ever you fall into the night
& Lose all sense of sight
Remember that darkness births the light
& When you rise again once more
Still stronger than before
You’ll know the time you came here for

& Through my eyes I’m feeling older now
In knowing how, I made my vow
& so I feel a little closer now
I take my bow, your time is now

So follow the path unto the sun
Where lies the waking one
& When you rise the dream is done
Melodies ancient voice and song
Will keep you safe and make you strong
To not forget what’s yet to come
So live your dreams and dream of truth
Dream of life and live your youth
& One day you will look back through
Remember the way that we have come
All as daughters and as sons
So pray for the day to carry on

& Through this life we find our fears and truths
In age and youth, and so we choose
& Through my eyes I’ve seen in color too
The world as new, I’ll see you through