Mindfulness Offerings

Become the Eye of the Storm

Peace and Calm – We all long for this state of existence.

The Key to navigating our lives with ease, grace and freedom is learning Mindfulness - a way of being, essentially learning how to be present in each moment. This kind of awareness is something Eastern countries have been teaching and passing down for centuries. Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Daoism, Chi Gong, Buddhism are Eastern practices that teach mindfulness-based techniques. These teachings show us how to become aware of our body/mind connection and environment. They offer solutions to handle stress and anxiety and ultimately discover genuine happiness by finding our Inner Source of Calm.

I offer many Mindfulness Based Techniques to support Each Individual in Attaining Health in Body and Mind. There are many techniques I offer within each of these categories that support our wellness. 

Yoga is a practical and scientific discipline that cultivates mindfulness by addressing tension both in the body and mind. Yoga Asanas are physical postures that support people in finding a balance between effort and ease. Practicing asana can alleviate stress and tension by building inner strength and flexibility. Asanas open the energetic highways in the body to allow the energies to flow rather than stagnate, which is the cause of all dis-ease.

Breathing Techniques – Awareness of the breath brings you immediately into the present moment. All of our stress and worries are either about the past or future. When we consciously work with our breath it provides an anchor point to the present moment where peace is available.

Body Scanning and Progressive Muscle Relaxation – involves bringing our awareness to different parts of the body and noticing sensations without judgment.

Creating space by Cultivating Being versus Doing. Learning this actually supports in more productive living.

Attitude – Wisdom teachings in cultivating acceptance and letting go.
“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Mind and Meditation – meditation isn’t about stopping the thoughts in our mind, it’s about seeing the thoughts, making friends with them and noticing patterns. As we become aware of the thoughts in our mind we begin to see some of what we think doesn’t make sense, isn’t true and sometimes is a repeated pattern. With practice our thoughts can be shifted towards more positive and empowering thoughts that support our well-being. Thoughts are not our enemy. They are not solid; they are impermanent and can be shifted.

Emotional Intelligence – teaches such things as, all our emotions are okay and pleasure is a good thing. Also we bring awareness to noticing how we react and how it affects our body and mind and our behaviors. Ultimately, we want to learn how to respond instead of react for many reasons including it feels better and is healthier. We all get triggered in our lives. Learning how to respond is essential to living a healthy life.

Social Intelligence – learning how to be assertive instead of aggressive and/or passive helps us to get what we need and create healthy boundaries in kind ways.

Exploring Sensations – understanding the messages of our bodies and minds. Learning how emotions such as anger, fear, desire, etc. show up in our bodies helps us to be present with sensations and not react out of habits.

Working through Trauma and Life Challenges – most all of us have experienced trauma or big challenges in some form or another. Learning how to not shut down, suppress, blame, or develop addictions is key to a healthy body and mind. We can learn to breath into uncomfortable sensations and move through them rather than repress them. Fearlessness is not being without fear but developing the courage to go through and beyond the fear by acknowledging its presence.

Healthy Eating – Diet and Nutrition are the foundations of healthy living. Socrates said “Let thy food be thy medicine.” What we put in effects what we put it. Does the food we eat take our energy or give us energy?

Relaxed Sleep – Most people sleep at night but very few actually get rest. In order to receive the benefits of sleep we have to throw off our tensions and find true relaxation.

Chronic Stress can lead to a rut in which the wiring of our neural networks keeps us repeating the same dysfunctional behavior and hoping for a different outcome. As we experience depression and repetitive behaviors that stem from chronic stress, we’re less capable of analytic thought. The stress hormones released into the bloodstream keep us at a lower order of brain function, unable to attain synergy.
~Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. and David Perlmutter M.D., Power up your Brain