Rose Tent is a Sacred Space that support girls in their journey of life. Rites of Passage and Coming of Age Circles create a strong foundation in earth medicine, mindfulness, emotional & social intelligence, puberty, menstruation, body awareness and sacred sexuality, crafts, art and so much more. 

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Physical Well-Being

Connection to our bodies and the earth
Clean Food, Water, Air
Honoring our passageways through time
Understanding Puberty & Sexuality
Learning about Menstruation
Creating Safe Spaces for ourselves

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Emotional & Social Well-Being

All of our emotions are okay
Pleasure is a good
Conscious Communication
Understanding Assertiveness and Boundaries
Becoming the creators of our Lives
Fulfilling responsibilities to our Self, Environment
and Community


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Spiritual Well-Being

Trusting in the journey of our life
Personal Cosmology


Sacred Stages
Passage of Time
Awakening to the Rhythms
Cycles of Life
Honoring All Parts
Frees Your Body and Mind
Break free of limitations - self-imposed, externally built
Your greatness be honored, respected, allowed
Be True to YOU
Sacred Sister of the Hoop
We walk in humbleness, love and beauty
Gather Round
Tell your Friends
Let's remember Together
tell stories, whisper sweetness, laugh, play, create, jump, shout, dance, sing, hold hands, listen...
Your Fierceness and Gentleness are Welcome Here