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During the Pulse Tragedy I was undergoing a serious tragedy of my own, I had a miscarriage in my 2nd trimester and hemorrhaged so bad I needed several blood transfusions and surgery. I was so close to physical death and experienced an incredible spiritual rebirthing of sorts. As I was healing, Pulse happened. I felt a surreal connection to this event and the community efforts that followed.

Needless to say my understanding of life and death awakened to a deeper level through my personal tragedy and witnessing the collective experience around Pulse. Everything is a cycle – Life, Death, Rebirth. This life is a gift. Love is the answer…every time. Life is a choice. Every breath we are choosing to Live in the Present or Die to the worrisome Past or Future. Our ability to trust in the flow of life paves the way for magic and miracles. Life has pain and from the pain we can be reborn into stronger, more compassionate beings. We must work together. When we work together we are stronger than one. We need each other. We have to overcome our differences and respect every path, every way and every truth. We must let go of the need to be right and open our hearts to each individual as an important part of our experience here on earth.

We are made up of over 70% water. We must work with our personal inner waterways to heal the waters of our earth. Our waters are our subconscious, the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that guide our experience here. Emotional intelligence is key but unfortunately, many of us have had little to no training. It is our responsibility to do our inner work. To love all parts of ourself into wholeness. To shift the parts that need to be shifted and let go of what isn't supporting Life. 

A couple of months after my experience, I got my body and mind strength back and one day was taking a long walk on the beach. I felt I was there to process and integrate my experiences but instead received a download that I was to offer this workshop to benefit my personal healing as well as our community's healing. This workshop is a result of the guidance I received that day at the beach. I'm delighted to announce that I will be collaborating with a dear sister and medicine woman, Deborah. We have known we were going to work together in some capacity for years now and we are excited beyond belief that this is our first expression of our shared creation. We know you are going to love what we have in store for YOU!


Shakti Pulse Workshop

A playful and transformative weekend held at a beautiful and magical several acre homestead. Together we’ll delve into our inner rhythms and ride the waves of grace. Join us in this adventurous exploration of yoga, meditation, organic movement, sound, breath, art, poetry and a water blessing ritual. 

Yoga, organic movement, sound and breath will take us into the body, accessing the primordial cosmic energy (Shakti) and from that place of deep rootedness and connection we will move, rest, create, play, heal, transform, transcend, love, accept, let go…

Explore Intentional Creativity, a conscious processing method of deep soulful healing through ritual, painting, and poetry. Open the doorways into your own inner landscape, reconnecting with your Muse and other Sacred Archetypes within.  Reawaken truths, find clarity, and embrace your inner wisdom and guidance.  Let your inner child play, express and be wild!

Finally, we will share in a Water Blessing Ritual - praying for our sacred waters to heal, be purified and flow free.

“The sage’s transformation of the world arises from solving the problem of water. If water is united, the human heart will be connected. If water is pure and clean, the heart of the people will readily be unified and desirous of cleanliness.” ~Lao Tzu

You will take home meditations, mudras, mantras, poetry, paintings and most importantly the inspiration to continue tapping into and playing with the pulsation of Shakti.

10% of the proceeds will go to benefit The Center – supporting the Pulse tragedy and continued healing of our community.

Guided by Amber Melendy and Deborah Ward

Two Weekends Offered: November 5 & 6, 2016 and/or December 10 & 11, 2016
$180 for each weekend
Saturday and Sunday 10-4pm. Lunches included.
Camping and Dinner available on Saturday night for additional $20             

Materials: You will need to bring a notebook and 2 canvasses 30x40

Shakti Pulse Workshop

A playful and transformative weekend held at a beautiful and magical several acre homestead. Together we’ll delve into our inner rhythms and ride the waves of grace. Join us in this adventurous exploration of yoga, meditation, organic movement, sound, breath, art, poetry and a water blessing ritual. 

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About Deborah Ward
Visionary Artist/Creative Life Coach/Medicine Woman/D.O.V.E Practitioner

 Great suffering and darkness can pave the way for epiphanies that shape our lives. We have pushed our great big spirits into human form to experience how to create alchemy in this vessel. Our brains are these incredible computer systems that are online, and yet many have only experienced turning this system on and watching the flashing lights and home screen. Those that have ventured to double click the icons are taken to different pages/realms, and actualized the very real existence of total connection and oneness with others. The internet, the “net” that holds all of our souls together. We have access to this!! In an instant, with a thought, we are there with someone from across the world, affecting their existence! We even receive upgrades that make this system run even faster with more advanced features. How incredible to live within this organic structure with all of our expansiveness and light. This is our own system of operations, of creation, creating each moment, living by the acts of conscious formation and alchemy. If we are given the instructions and tools to really tap into this fantastic system of energy and light, our possibilities are limitless here. Life doesn’t seem small anymore or confining. Life is expansive and exciting! Our stories become full of adventure, epic, full of myth and magic.

More about Deborah here:

Talisman Painting by Deborah Ward

Talisman Painting by Deborah Ward

Note from Deborah
It’s an honor and blessing to finally work with Amber and share, guide and support those that feel called to attend this gathering. The parallel epiphanies, healing and messages we’ve received over this past year have definitely been divinely orchestrated!

Last May I had an amazing experience with the ocean while vacationing with my sons. I had what can only be described as a re-birthing experience while I was swimming in the ocean during a storm. It was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had! Afterwards I felt the call to perform a spontaneous water ceremony for the oceans specifically, but for all of the bodies of waters on this planet. I prayed that the waters be purified and that deep healing takes place for all connected to the waters as well as the sea life, and that these great bodies of water be places of healing, sacred and holy, for all that enter them or are around them.

When I asked my Muse Why the water? This was how she answered me~

Why the water?
Why the ocean?
Because the ocean takes you deeper, where there is no more light,
Where it's cold and dark,
And yet, as you feel the drop, free falling into nothingness, you realize the infinite mystery,
There is no end to the drop,
You choose to swim, and follow your instincts towards the light,
To surface,
Yes you can swim,
Your body was once part of a micro sea, in the womb,
your 9 month fluid home surrounded by the whooshing rhythm of the heart, witnessing and feeling thousands of syncopations through your growing body, and yet, you eventually pushed your way towards the light,
For this is our internal compass, The ocean is Mother Gaia's womb, with all the salty tears of those that have grieved and loved passionately on this planet. To go deeply within the womb is to be healed, to be loved without measure, to fall into complete surrender and transform.
Carried into the cosmos, you are in the great womb of creation, where Anything is possible!

 In June I started working on my Talisman painting (shown above). This is the process of calling forth our own inner personal archetype and healing deep aspects of our old story. While I began this painting process the Pulse tragedy in Orlando happened. I remember feeling frozen in sadness for all of the victims, their families, all of the souls affected, and really for humanity. I sat that night and looked at my painting, still no face, just the colors, and I received the message to paint, paint my sadness onto the canvas, and like a prayer in form, I did that. A wise, nurturing face and outstretched arms appeared. I was called to paint her golden. I could feel something in her knowing eyes, her arms inviting me in, it felt like a nurturing embrace from the divine, a beautiful angelic warmth and grace. For several weeks she stayed golden and unchanged and then I was called to add earthy colors and energy to her, the layers continued. I then added red, symbolizing the blood that had been spilled. It was a release of the old paradigm, all about allowing, shedding, and healing. I prayed every time I went to my canvas. It became like an alter to me. I could feel support and love flowing from her. I also painted small white lines and markings to represent the victims. It felt right to honor them in the painting. The healing symbols came forth as keys and reminders for shifting with lots of messages and poetry.  Sharing love, spreading compassion, unity and kindness for others as well as ourselves, is the elixir for a happy life full of purpose. Healing our hearts and reigniting the artist within, we create the life we envision. This painting taught me that we can move through and process sadness and pain associated with what goes on in this world through the act of combining prayer, intention, and creativity. Humanity has it’s darkness, but this is a way to bring the light, to allow the emotions to flow, process deeply and connect with the support that comes through this act of creation.

~Deborah Ward